im glad it’s not ridiculously hot out anymore

how do i draw uhh

how do i draw uhh

why did i decide to paint this im not a painter 

also garbus is hard to draw fdjsgjs

tumblr user potatocrisp hello friend

potato im makin the hanar jammies pattern

potato im makin the hanar jammies pattern


quick everyone look to the left

more old as balls stuff fjdjfjsks

Jesus these are so old

the first one was when i fancied myself capable of being a weeabo in a fandom centered around an American published comic please pray for past me

also it contributed to me trying to make a comic page for the first time since i was 12, so that was kinda neat despite how bad it is haha

crap look at how I used to draw faces though

just a few more random faces before bed! IM TRYING SO HARD TO GET AWAY FROM SAMEFACE SYNDROME 

yeah yeah yeah mershark!!!